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The National Veterans Network is a coalition that enlightens the public about the legacy of Japanese American World War II soldiers.
  They Were All American  
  They fought prejudice at home and the enemy abroud

Incarcerated after Pearl Harbor, they fought bravely in World War II.
After Pearl Harbor, anti-Japanese hysteria in America reached a fever pitch. Executive order 9066 created military zones in Hawaii and on the West Coast. People of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and herded into camps. They lost homes, businesses and personal belongings. Conditions in the camps were abysmal. Nevertheless, thousands of young men volunteered to fight for America.

Sixty-six years later, Congress recognized them with a Gold Medal.
They joined the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and the Military Intelligence Service. These units played crucial roles in European combat and decoding Japanese communications. They proved that, in America, shared values, not ancestry, determine allegiances. More than six decades later, Congress recognized their achievements with a Congressional Gold Medal. This is their story.



  • On February 18, 2014, President Barack Obama met with seven Japanese American WWII veterans to express his appreciation for their steadfast service. Hear the President's remarks at Nisei Veterans at White House.
  • The Smithsonian Congressional Gold Medal seven-city tour successfully ended in January 2014. 250,000 visitors visited some of the top museums in the country to learn about the Nisei Soldier experience during the 13-month tour. Watch the two-minute overview on CGM Slide Show.

  • New! Congressional Gold Medal Nisei Soldier Digital Exhibit

  • The National Veterans Network, in partnership with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center (APAC), is developing the Congressional Gold Medal Nisei Soldier Digital Exhibit to serve as the educational arm to the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the Nisei Soldiers.The digital exhibit will bring to life the personal stories of Japanese-American WWII soldiers highlighting their extraordinary service in the Europe, Pacific and Japan Occupation. To donate, see Support the Nisei Soldiers. For more information, see CGM Digital Exhibit Announcement.
  • Congressional Gold Medal Experience website/application is now live at cgm.si.edu. Brand new high school and elementary curriculum adopted to the new Common Core standards is now available at http://cgm.nationalveteransnetwork.com/for-teachers.