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Los Angeles, California    I   www.kizuna-la.org


As part of the AAPI community, Kizuna’s mission is to build a vibrant
Nikkei community by:

• Creating an empowering culture and environment
• Engaging and advocating for the community by igniting the passion
of young Japanese Americans
• Building collective identity through multi-generational and multiethnic

Kizuna was founded in early 2011 with the purpose of being THE
organization in Southern California to build a future for the Japanese
American community. There is a unique and extremely critical need
within the Japanese American community to cultivate the next
generation of leaders and stakeholders.

Understanding and identifying with this critical need, Kizuna was
founded by a group of young adults who wanted to strategically and
effectively address this need through building a pipeline of community
engagement programs, creating a system of mentorship and providing
a space for young people to vision for the future and exercise
leadership. In addition to passion, these young adults had worked for a
number of years with various nonprofits within the Japanese American
community. They had also formed and/or administered the majority of
youth programs currently existing within the community.

With the skills, experiences and knowledge built through our
organization, Kizuna creates invested youth who will go on to become
the future leaders of organizations throughout the community, thus
perpetuating a cycle of renewed leadership and ensuring a future for
the Nikkei community.