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The National Veterans Network is a coalition that enlightens the public about the legacy of Japanese American World War II soldiers.

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The National Veterans Network is a non-profit organization whose mission is: "To preserve, inform, and advocate how the Nisei Soldiers' Loyalty, Courage, and Patriotism embody American values and shape future decisions about justice and equality in a democracy."

This mission is as meaningful today as it has ever been. Japanese American Nisei Soldiers overcame discrimination and adversity to serve their country and became the most highly decorated soldiers of WWII. Their struggle to overcome prejudice and demonstrate their loyalty to the United States is a story to which many of us can relate.

Their stories can inspire, teach and empower all of us, and is one that needs to be shared. This is the mission of the NVN.

Please read some of their stories on the Nisei Solder Congressional Gold Medal Digital Exhibition at http://cgm.smithsonianapa.org/ The Exhibition honors the Japanese American World War II soldiers who fought in the service of the United States. This is their American story.

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What is your American story?

Join us in upholding the Japanese American WWII legacy by demonstrating what it means to be an American to you. Holding the #IAmAmerican hashtag sign (download and print PDF), share your #IamAmerican story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with us today. To support the campaign, tag @NtlVetNetwork on Twitter, @nationalveteransnetwork on Facebook or @TBD on Instagram. Submit your photo or video to NVN at info@nationalveteransnetwork.com.

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