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The National Veterans Network is a coalition that enlightens the public about the legacy of Japanese American World War II soldiers.
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Saluting Heroes

Grant Ichikawa (MIS)
Vienna, VA

Grant Ichikawa was born and raised in Suisun Valley, California. He
graduated from the University of California in Berkeley in May 1941.
Following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Grant and his family were
incarcerated in a concentration camp.

In November 1942 he volunteered from the Camp to enroll in the six-month
US Army Military Intelligence Service (MIS) Language School. Following
graduation, he was sent to Brisbane, Australia and assigned to the Allied
Translations and Interpretation Service (ATIS).

He participated in the Philippine liberation. Immediately following Emperor
Hirohito’s announcement of Japan’s surrender, Lt. Ichikawa talked 250
armed, Japanese soldiers into surrendering their weapons.

Three thousand Japanese Americans served in the Asia Pacific War in
every combat unit as front line interrogators/translators, in the rear echelon
as translators, as communications interceptors and in the Special Forces
to operate behind enemy lines. Subsequent to his honorable discharge and
return to civilian life, he was recalled to active duty during the Korean War
to serve in the MIS.

Following his discharge for the second time, he was assigned to the US
Consulate General in Surabaya and the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In April 1975, he served in Saigon and was among the last to leave aboard
a helicopter from the Embassy rooftop.

Grant Ichikawa