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100th Infantry Battalion Veterans

Q. Who qualifies for the Congressional Gold Medal?
A. The law, PL 111-254, states that the Congressional Gold Medal is
awarded to the 100th, 442nd, and Japanese Americans who served in the
MIS during WW II. The Department of Defense defines the period of WW
II to be December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946. In addition, the following
are qualified to receive the award:

  • Caucasian officers assigned to the 442nd.
  • Caucasian and other non-ethnic Japanese, e.g. Korean and Hawaiian
    assigned to the 100th.
  • 1st Battalion, 442nd RCT cadres who were ordered to remain at Camp
    Shelby to train replacements for the 442nd. This training unit was
    designated as 171st Battalion.
  • Caucasians assigned as team leaders of Nisei linguists.
  • Students at MIS or other US Army language schools
  • Any Japanese American assigned to the Occupation of Japan during
    WW II without formal Army language training but placed in a linguist
  • Any Japanese American who worked in support of the MIS program in
    analyst and clerical positions to produce intelligence reports.
    If you are uncertain about the qualification of a veteran, please contact Terry
    Shima, chair of the Eligibility Committee at ttshima@comcast.net or
    (301) 987-6746.

Q. How do I purchase a Congressional Gold Medal replica?
A. The U.S. Mint has the full-size 3” bronze replicas available for purchase
online at http://www.usmint.gov/ for $39.95 plus $8 for a presentation case.
Smaller 1 ½” replicas are available for $6.95.

Q. Is there a short video somewhere that gives a good overview of the
100th, 442nd, MIS and Congressional Gold Medal?

A. Visit YouTube to see a short video about the Medal.