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Health Consequences4
The camps also created long-term mental and physical impacts on Japanese Americans.

Sixty-two percent of those incarcerated for up to four years without due process of law were American citizens7. More than half of them were school-aged children, infants and young adults not yet of voting age.

In her book, Legacy of Injustice, Donna Nagata writes, “The Sansei (third generation Japanese Americans) who had a parent interned felt the effects of that experience in numerous ways. They are sad and angry about the injustice and attribute a number of negative consequences in their own lives to their parents’ incarceration. These include feelings of low self-esteem, the pressure to assimilate, an accelerated loss of the Japanese culture and language, and experiencing the unexpressed pain of their parents.”8

Long-term health consequences included psychological anguish as well as increased cardiovascular disease. Detainees reported post-traumatic stress symptoms of unexpected and disturbing flashbacks.

In another book, The Experience of Injustice, Gwendolyn Jensen writes, “… former internees had a 2.1 percent greater risk of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular mortality, and premature death than did non-interned counterparts.” California Nisei-age individuals, who were interned, died 1.6 years earlier than Hawaiians who were not.9

The U.S. justified incarceration by claiming that people of Japanese descent might be more loyal to Japan than America. However, none had ever shown disloyalty to the U.S. During the entire war only ten people were convicted of spying for Japan and these were all Caucasian.10

At Gila, there were 7,700 people crowded into space designed for 5,000. They were housed in mess halls, recreation halls, and even latrines. As many as 25 persons lived in a space intended for four.5

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